A Review of FanStory.com

my experience with fanstory

So what is FanStory.com? And why this community over other writing sites.

I am happy to announce to everyone that I have found a great writing community called FanStory.com. This is a writing site that I can recommend. In fact, I strongly recommend FanStory.com. In the past you may have followed this blog and have learned that I found writing sites that were, frankly, scams. They lulled you in with free membership. You posted your work and got simple comments that weren't helpful at all. Next, you found that to do anything at all you had to pay money. That, to me,  is a scam. FanStory.com is fantastic.

I was happy to see that FanStory.com guarantees you feedback. You don't have to write reviews to get reviews. When you post your writing you get feedback. It's that simple. They also provide a good "give and take" system. If you write reviews you get more reviews. The benefit of writing reviews on Fanstory.com is you get member dollars that you spend on promoting your work. So it's actually rewarding to write reviews.

FanStory.com has writing contests. Many, many writing contests. Contests for poets. Contest for short story writers. You get the idea. There are cash prizes if you win a contest. In addition, you can create contests of your own. So if you don't see a contest you can create one. Pretty nice feature.

After trying so many writing sites - I  highly recommend FanStory.com. Since joining my skills have beenpolished in short story writing. The reasonable cost of membership drew me in and I am that glad I joined.

My reviewers have been tough at times, giving me help on how I should have written a story, polished it, trimmed it and improved it. I have found that most of my short stories are lacking meaningful dialogue. I have also found that by changing the point of view it can greatly help the story.

But it doesn't stop there. I am now a poet. I found a poetry contest that interested me. Entered, and found that I enjoyed writing the poem.  I recommend the Acrostic poetry contest if you are new to poetry.

In the end, without FanStory.com, I received the honest reviews I would never have seen if I had shared my writing only among my friends and family.

Reviewers at FanStory.com come in many packages. From experienced writers to new writers. And that is refreshing since you will receive such different feedback.

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